Sara and Becky

Welcome to Ooh La La Candy…where style and taste meet.

Ooh La La…candy has never looked so chic, fashionable and desirable.  And that is what Ooh La La Candy is known for – treats that are so visually appealing that you can’t help but pick them up.  And although you will enjoy looking at the beautiful designs and packaging, you will enjoy eating your tasty treasures even more.  Ooh La La Candy delivers a reasonable priced indulgence using only premium and gourmet candy and very special designs.

Ooh La La Candy was actually born when Sara Stevens, the founder, was a kid growing up in Florida.  As she spent her childhood playing jacks and sharing treats with her best friend she realized that a little candy made every day a little sweeter.
After years in the corporate world, Sara was searching for more professional satisfaction and an excuse to have more candy around.  Always one to give friends and family cards and gifts made with candy, Sara realized a business concept was being born.

In her personal life Sara always came up with a sweet treat to celebrate a happy time, heal heartbreak, solve problems and of course promote the message that candy never disappoints.  Now it was time to share her special gift for creating unique and personal treats with candy --and the company Candy Care was born.

Candy Care began with a line of greeting cards with a twist – each card came with a delightful message and a delicious piece of candy affixed.  The first major success was Candy Care Camp Cards.  As a candy loving mom, Sara spent summers trying to find ways to sneak candy to her kids at camp. She developed a line of cards with flat candy affixed, perfect for sneaking a treat to sugar deprived kids.

As Candy Care grew and developed new product lines, the name didn’t reflect the stylish candy creations and fun designs that were in the marketplace.  The company actually was the most fashion conscious line of candy products around.  Changing the name to Ooh La La Candy was the final step in evolving from a candy card line to a full fledged line of creative and way cool candy products.

Last year, Sara’s daughter Rebecca joined the business.    She brings her candy loving genes, unlimited energy, incredible ideas and a passion for avant guard designs to Ooh La La Candy.
In 2010 Ooh La La Candy launched its most unique product yet – cupcakes made from delicious candy.  These elegant and affordable cupcakes come in many fashionable designs including animal designs like zebra and cheetah, cupcakes made in chic color combinations and our special Blooming buds with a flower candy cupcake coming out of a real reusable flower pot.  The Ooh La La Candy Cupcakes are so much more than the traditional cupcakes.  They are perfect party favors, can be easily mailed and will last up to 24 months.

Today Ooh La La Candy is working hard to create new, exciting products and to bring its customers innovative design, trend-setting packaging, thoughtful messages but most of all the best candy experience ever.  

Never forget in a world where candy rules, everyone’s day is a little sweeter!